Mobile Computer Cart Reconditioning Irvine

Hospitals, healthcare facilities, medical practices, and other organizations, both large and small, are not immune to economic uncertainty and significant reimbursement challenges. Rather than expending capital budgets to replace older point-of-care technology items, many are now exploring creative options like refurbishing and updating existing items to like-new or “better-than-new” condition.

Our stringent and comprehensive two-stage refurbishing process that guarantees the highest-quality refurbished product:

Stage 1: Cosmetic Refurbishment

First, after an initial physical condition check, each unit is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before being inspected for wear and tear. Units are disassembled, then sanded, primed and painted as necessary using the highest quality materials by our factory-trained staff. The end-result of this comprehensive process is that every piece of equipment that is completely functional and blemish-free.

Stage 2: Technical Refurbishment

Our extensive refurbishment experience and large parts inventory allows Add On Data engineers to refurbish mobile technology cart and point-of-care equipment according to the original manufacturer’s specifications. Engineers and technicians, equipped with the latest testing equipment, verify the functionality of all technical parameters and conditions. Any, and, all non- or under-performing parts and components are replaced or repaired according to the guidelines set forth by the manufacturer.


Refurbishment offers an opportunity to upgrade mobile point-of-care systems with additional upgrades and options that were not included, or available, at the original time of purchase.
All refurbishment work is completed on-site in our 10,000 square foot facility located in Wilmington, MA by our own factory-trained technicians who are certified by leading manufacturers like Ergotron, Flo, Rubbermaid, and others. Refurbished products include a 60-day warranty with optional extended warranties and protection plans available.

Instead of spending huge amounts of money on new equipment, you have the option to explore a more affordable yet effective solution: refurbished items. Call us today and see how you can upgrade your point-of-care systems without breaking the bank.

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