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Mobile Computer Cart Point-of-Care Preventive Maintenance

Benefit from our team of certified technicians, who can help maximize your point-of-care computing investments and maintain your operational efficiencies. Add On Data’s preventative maintenance service offers a comprehensive evaluation of your mobile cart inventory, including a multi point cart inspection and a power system inspection if applicable. A detailed service report on all evaluated carts will be provided following inspection.


  • Maximize cart life and achieve optimum cart conditioning​​​​​
  • Simple upkeep optimizes cart performance​​​​​
  • Extend cart life by maintaining condition of carts​​​​​
  • Safeguard operational efficiency and maintain uptime​​​​​
  • Improve workflow and patient care​​​​​
  • Improve asset management and extend asset life cycle


  • One on-site visit per year​​​​​
  • Detailed inspection of entire cart — upper cart, lower cart and power system​​​​​
  • Preventive maintenance checklist used to evaluate entire cart​​​​​
  • Service report on cart at completion of the maintenance visit, which documents service on​​​​​
  • Each cart for your asset management​​​​​
  • Follow up: contact to ensure satisfaction after completion of each visit
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