Healthcare Colsulting West Hartford

Selecting the best-of-class products or vendors and focusing on workflow changes and architecting solutions to achieve optimal benefits requires a patient-centric approach to technology acquisition and deployment, in addition to an unprecedented level of collaboration between healthcare providers, IT, technology vendors, and others. This is where Add On Data’s Consulting services come in.

Add On Data’s can-do attitude and strong understanding of clinical work-flow in healthcare organizations allow us to achieve significantly higher client satisfaction rates and repeat business.

Our Point-of-Care Specialists can help with:

  • Technology Assessments of Current and Future Needs
  • Technology Inventory and Condition Analysis
  • Point-of-Care product selection (mobile carts, stationary arms, hybrid systems)
  • Custom solutions for your unique demands
  • IT Strategy Development and Planning
  • Infrastructure Optimization
  • Technology Retrofit, Upgrades and Modernization
  • Infrastructure design and implementation
  • Systems integration
  • Technology Proposal/Bid Management and Evaluation

Whether it is to update and refresh your existing fleet of point-of-care computer carts or deploy a variety of point-of-care technologies in a new clinical/patient care building, Add On Data will help you select the best solution - avoiding costly mistakes - providing you with the greatest benefit while operating within your unique business constraints.

As a technology solution provider with significant healthcare experience, we offer a unique service. We know the manufacturers and distributors. We know product costs. We know deployment and implementation. Let us help you make the right decision based on your specific needs and requirements.