Clinical Product Trials

Clinical Product Trial Consulting for IT Hardware Wilmington

Pilot programs for product and workflow testing is critical in determining the right Point of Care solutions for your facility. Add On Data will select and install a variety of solutions at the point of care or a designated area for testing and measurement. Pilot programs give the users the opportunity to critically evaluate each solution for workflow, productivity and ergonomics.

Add On Data will work with your Informetrics Manager or Device Selection Committee closely to narrow your selection to optimal product solutions. After a full Workflow Analysis is completed by Add On Data we will:

  • Recommend and Select the Appropriate PoC Products for Your Requirements
  • Professionally Install the PoC Products in Your Facility or Testing Room
  • Train Your Staff in Use and Care
  • Evaluate Results with Your Device Selection Committee to Determine Best Product Options.

For more information about our Pilot Programs, please get in touch with us.