Healthcare Services

Addressing the Diverse Needs of the Healthcare Industry

Add On Data supports healthcare organizations, both large and small, with a comprehensive suite of unique services supporting point-of-care initiatives. Built on more than forty years of technology integration expertise, with more than 20 years’ experience in the healthcare vertical, Add On Data has understands the complex and challenging requirements healthAdd On Data’s team of certified, factcare providers face in brining electronic medical records to the bedside.

Our Unique Healthcare Services & Solutions

Wall Mount Services

Wall Mount Services Wilmington
Add On Data’s team of certified, factory-trained technicians help healthcare organizations maximize their point-of-care computing investments and maintain operational efficiencies. Our preventative maintenance service offers a comprehensive evaluation of your wall-mounted point-of-care inventory, including a multi-point inspection and detailed follow-up service report on all evaluated PoC units. In addition, our team can provide both in-warranty and post-warranty repair service.

Diagnostic Display Repair Services

Diagnostic Display Repair Services West Hartford
When your work depends upon a display screen or diagnostic monitor and the equipment fails, Add On Data can get you back in business, fast. Add On Data supports most types of display screen and diagnostic monitor repair services including surgical, radiology, and other patient care displays.

Deployment & Installations

Deployment & Installations Irvine
From wall mounted workstations to mobile computer carts, Add On Data’s expert staff provides you with a wide range of support and benefits with every point-of-care (PoC) purchase. Your dedicated account team will help guide you through every step of the design and implementation process, and our certified technology specialists will provide the hands-on service and management to ensure every detail is addressed.

Mobile Cart Services

Mobile Cart Services West Hartford
Our team of certified, factory-trained technicians can extend the useful life of your mobile computer cart or workstation on wheels (WOW) fleet, maximizing your point-of-care computing investments. Add On Data’s preventative maintenance service offers a comprehensive evaluation of your mobile computer cart fleet, including a multi-point inspection and detailed follow-up service report on all evaluated workstations on wheels. In addition, our team can provide both in-warranty/post-warranty repair service, as well as mobile cart rentals, power system upgrades, refurbishment, remote cart monitoring, and the buyback of unused or broken mobile carts.

Workflow Analysis

Workflow Analysis Wilmington
Whether it is to update and refresh your existing fleet of point-of-care computer carts or deploy a variety of point-of-care technologies in a new clinical/patient care building, Add On Data will help you select the best solution - avoiding costly mistakes - providing you with the greatest benefit while operating within your unique business constraints.

HIPAA Security Assessments

HIPAA Security Assessments Wilmington
Add On Data helps organizations pass HIPAA audits by uncovering gaps in existing policies, procedures, and technical controls. Our security experts will present your organization with a roadmap for adhering to both industry and HIPAA best practices. We’ll uncover and discuss high-impact “fix first” issues within the organization’s information security program and provide prioritized remediation recommendations.

Clinical Product Trials

Clinical Product Trials Wilmington
Pilot programs for product and workflow testing is critical in determining the right Point of Care solutions for your facility. Add On Data will select and install a variety of solutions at the point of care or a designated area for testing and measurement. Pilot programs give the users the opportunity to critically evaluate each solution for workflow, productivity and ergonomics.