Mobile Computer Cart Buy-Back/
Trade In

Hospitals, healthcare facilities, medical practices, and other organizations -- both large and small -- are not immune to economic uncertainty and significant reimbursement challenges. Many organizations and facilities are looking for creative ways to stretch shrunken budgets even further, often this includes the sale or trade-in of “older” gear when purchasing replacement point-of-care mobile computer carts. offers a highly effective option for redeploying or remarketing equipment that’s no longer required. Our equipment experts can help you turn retired, broken, or unneeded equipment into cash that can be used for upgrades and improvements.

Why Should I Sell (or Trade-in) My Equipment?

  • Price – and Add On Data will offer the most competitive price for your organization’s pre-owned mobile computing cart (WoW); completely independent of any new equipment purchase
  • Logistical Services – We take care of everything: dismantling, packing, project management, shipping, and insurance
  • Reclaim Precious Storage Space – We will remove old, unused, or broken equipment
  • Recoup Part of Your Original Investment
  • Green and Environmentally Friendly – lower your carbon footprint, reduce landfills, prolong useful life

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