Infection Control Products

Add On Data’s full line of ergonomically designed accessories reduces operator fatigue and the incidence of carpal tunnel syndrome.

These user-friendly wired and wireless keyboards and mice are Microban antimicrobial and washable. In an environment where controlling the spread of germs is paramount, these accessories are a welcome addition.

infection control products
Seal Shield, a world leader in infection control technology and antimicrobial science, designs, develops and manufactures medical grade, infection prevention technology for hospitals and the home, including waterproof keyboards, mice, TV remotes and protection products for smart phones and tablets.

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ReadyDock:UV is the world’s first and only chemical-free disinfection multi-bay docking station. Mobile devices are high-touch surfaces that require disinfection in clinical and germ-sensitive settings. Only ReadyDock can provide a solution for security, charging, and disinfection of mobile devices all in one process.

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From the OR to the ER, Man & Machine’s fully sealed IP68 rated keyboards and mice can not only withstand the harshest conditions, they can be disinfected, sprayed, wiped, sanitized and even submerged to dramatically reduce incidence of damage and contamination.

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KSI’s San-a-Key Healthcare Technology System allows users to disinfect their keyboards with a patented clean switch and EPA approved germicidal wipes. This is the most advanced method for assisting with infection control and the prevention of cross-contamination. There is no need to remove the keyboard from service in order to wash it in a sink or dishwasher as it can be disinfected immediately before and/or after use. The keyboards are for use in hospitals, healthcare, laboratories, and anywhere a sterile environment in critical.