Healthcare and life sciences organizations are increasingly reliant on advanced computing solutions to achieve better patient and organizational outcomes. Given the high regulatory standards placed upon the care and handling of electronic health records, protected health information, and medical research, healthcare providers also need to implement reliable storage solutions. Source Code helps them meet these challenges.

Edge Computing

The healthcare sector has been a strong driver in the proliferation of Internet of Things (IoT) devices. These range from wearable biometrics (think of a smart sensor attached at the arm to monitor glucose levels) to portable medical instruments that support real-time advanced image processing.

Source Code engineers work with clients to understand organizational and technical needs. Then they design, test, and manufacture devices that ensure critical medical and life sciences data is processed effectively and efficiently. The team considers the level of autonomy, available bandwidth, latency/jitter constraints, and regulatory requirements around privacy and security, among other parameters. At the same time, the team leverages its decades of experience to meet international and industry standards that confirm edge devices operate under the most rigorous physical environments.

Custom Server: Compute

HPC Clusters & AI Systems

From research in genomics and drug discovery to practical applications such as medical imaging or robotics-assisted surgery, the list of ways that the life sciences and healthcare sector can use high-performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI) is virtually endless.

Source Code engineers have decades of experience creating hardware infrastructure for clients in this space. Expert system architects consider the data sets and how they are being manipulated, then create the optimal computing system for that particular workload. The hardware is then assembled and tested at Source Code's U.S.-based engineering service centers and shipped out to clients across the world.


Source Code has developed a configurator that brings together engineering best practices, component compatibility within physical design, and other parameters to help clients who need individual servers for computing projects that do not require a full cluster or AI system. Healthcare and life sciences organizations can quickly and easily configure single servers to suit their specific needs.


Custom Server: Storage

Compute/Storage Solutions

Custom designing storage that can keep up with the high compute speeds available today is challenging, so many healthcare and life sciences organizations choose Source Code. Expert engineers work with clients to create customized storage solutions to support HPC clusters and AI systems. Having the expertise of architects who know both sides of the infrastructure helps ensure optimal throughput of data and more effective use of both budget and time.

Standalone, Enterprise-Grade Storage

Healthcare and life sciences data comes in many forms, images, numbers, and text formats. Ingest, and processing of such varied data with maximum efficiency and minimum latency is a real challenge. Source Code engineers work with clients to design storage that supports the relevant data type. They also consider how often data is added or even accessed and any data retention or privacy laws. The result is fast, flexible, and often distributed storage that meets each client's unique needs.

Individual Storage Appliances

For clients looking for specific storage appliances, the Source Code configurator brings together engineering best practices, component compatibility within physical design, and other parameters to quickly configure the best product for their unique needs.

Managed Network & Security Services

Source Code's Services group helps a large number of rapidly growing organizations within the Life Sciences and Healthcare Consulting spaces. These organizations require a partner who can support rapid growth and provide white-glove service day or night. From consulting at incubator stage to assisting with acquisitions or going public, the Source Code team has helped all sizes of organization at all stages of the lifecycle. We also assist with security and compliance solutions to assist with HIPAA requirements.