Business Overview
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Business Overview

Since its founding in 1992, Source Code has implemented over 1,600 hardware configurations and delivered over 1,000,000 edge device units. Today the company is the largest independent custom hardware solution provider and is headquartered in Milford, MA, USA, which is also the location of its main production facility.

Source Code has additional production facilities in Norwood, MA, USA, and London, UK, allowing it to quickly deliver to clients in Europe and effectively manage business surges. Source Code also has sales, service, and engineering offices in Beverly, MA, Buffalo, NY, Los Angeles, CA, Providence, RI, Seattle, WA, Westfield, MA, and Taipei, Taiwan so that it can tap into a global network of talent and build strong relationships with vendors and technology partners. The result is a total of 97,000 square feet of manufacturing.


Source Code Locations

Milford, MA
Norwood, MA
Beverly, MA
Westfield, MA
Providence, RI
Buffalo, NY
Seattle, WA
Los Angeles, CA
Taipei, Taiwan
Perivale, UK


1992 - 1998

As the name indicates, Source Code was founded as a custom software development company focusing on educational and environmental software solutions. Soon after, to better meet client needs, Source Code began to incorporate hardware into its solutions.

Became one of the largest computer component distributors in New England, developing a deep understanding of the markets and use cases for emerging technology

Developed technology and channel relationships that still exist today

Formed a distribution division to help get its products to clients

1998 - 2010

Source Code formed a manufacturing division to build its custom computing solutions, which covered the full range of information technology. The company also aggressively invested in acquisitions during this time to broaden its capabilities. To support those acquisitions, it developed a standardized set of processes to integrate acquired companies without losing focus on client needs and developing employee capabilities.

Source Code also:

Created a state-of-the-art online hardware configurator and an industry-leading portal for designing custom computing solutions

Instituted a set of highly flexible manufacturing processes while also achieving International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001:2015 manufacturing quality standards compliance

Restructured its mission and core values around a client and employee-centric business model

Implemented an employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) to make its employees shareholders and more aligned to organizational success

Streamlined and standardized its acquisition and transition strategy

2010 - 2018

At this time, Source Code chose to move away from distribution to focus on providing fully customized computing solutions. The company expanded its information and transition services and continued to grow through acquisition.

Source Code also refined its business operations and developed more advanced technologies and specialized services, including:

Enterprise servers and storage solutions

IT transitional services for private equity companies focusing on the energy sector

Expanded offerings for enterprise data centers as new use cases, such as artificial intelligence (AI)

Scalable managed services and telephony solutions

Centralized helpdesk support in Western Massachusetts

2018 - Present

In 2018 Source Code was acquired by JMC Capital Partners, allowing the company to expand its capabilities and grow more aggressively through complementary acquisitions. During this phase, the company:

Acquired and integrated key competitors on the West Coast, centralizing manufacturing and integrating sales and systems

Increased its engineering competency to support growth in AI, storage, graphics processing unit (GPU) computing, and big data use cases

Expanded its offerings for the cloud and edge by acquiring and integrating a new edge division

Invested over $2 million to build a state-of-the-art rack room facility at its Norwood, Massachusetts engineering service center

Launched operations in Europe via a strategic acquisition, leading to both an expansion of Source Code’s product portfolio and infrastructure support