Argos Ruggedized Edge System

A MIL-SPEC Ready Edge AI/Inference Solution

A Reliable, Cost-Effective Approach to HPC Storage, Even with Multiple Concurrent Users

Processing AI inference workloads (e.g., computer vision, object detection) at the edge in real time while protecting equipment from environmental hazards (temperature, dust, vibration, moisture, limited power, etc.) is a challenge.

Source Code has designed a custom ruggedized system that supports internals similar to current-gen vehicle-borne systems for field use. This device, the Argos Ruggedized Edge System, operates on limited power, in a broad temperature range, and resists dust and moisture.

Usually, devices that support AI on the edge (i.e., such as in-vehicle or MIL-SPEC systems) are complex to design and are locked-in to a vendor's ecosystem. The Argos Ruggedized Edge System includes commodity hardware designed to resist environmental conditions while being powerful enough to support accelerated computing without the costs of brand-name devices.

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Benefits of Argos

  • Pre-configured for edge AI and inference workloads (computer vision, object detection, etc...)
  • More cost-effective than public cloud alternatives, without vendor lock-in
  • Ruggedization or MIL-SPEC can be matched to customer requirements
  • Supported NVIDIA A100 GPUs for optimal performance

Ideal Use Cases

  • Edge Inference
  • Computer Vision
  • Object Detection
  • Anonymous Sentry

Relevant Industries

Aerospace & Defense
Oil & Gas

Vehicle-borne WISP Server

  • 2U chassis
  • AMD EPYC processors
  • NVIDIA A100 GPUs
  • 144TB storage
  • 10Gb fiber SFP+ networking

MIL-SPEC Ruggedized Edge System

  • Custom MIL-SPEC chassis
  • Intel Xeon Scalable processors
  • 23TB storage
  • 25Gb Fiber SFP+ networking

Supported Software & AI Frameworks

Can be deployed with containers (e.g., Kubernetes), container orchestration, HCI stack, Source Code AI Stack, Source Code’s Scientific Computing Stack, and support for popular frameworks.

We offer a comprehensive 3-year warranty standard, with every system purchased. But you can add extended or custom warranties if your situation calls for it.
We offer customer support at different levels, each based on a detailed service level agreement (SLA) that fits your needs. And, with each one, you get the added benefit of knowing that the people who take your call are in-house Source Code staff whose sole focus is customer support.

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