Why You Shouldn’t Install Your Own Medical Computer Wall Mount

Why You Shouldn’t Install Your Own Medical Computer Wall Mount

Since the use of electronic medical records was mandated across the United States, healthcare facilities have used wall-mounted computers to better facilitate access to patient medical records at the bedside. This is especially the case in our largest healthcare facilities, where space is at a premium and poorly designed clinical workflows have the potential to negatively impact patient outcomes.

Medical computer wall mounts can play a major role in optimizing clinical workflows at your healthcare facility, but only if they are installed by a professional as part of a comprehensive IT plan that fully considers and addresses the needs of your facility.

This article explains the importance of correctly installing wall mounts for the computers that your nurses and physicians will use on a daily basis. When it comes to installing permanent fixtures at your hospital or clinic, you should always depend on a professional's guidance and knowledge of best practices, and you should never install the equipment on your own. Keep reading to find out why a professional installation is vital for ensuring the success of wall mounts in your facility.

Benefits of Wall Mounted Work Stations in Hospitals

Wall-mounted workstations have grown in popularity over the last ten years, as more healthcare facilities adopt the technologies of bedside information access. Some of the benefits enjoyed by these facilities are:

  • Optimized Workflow - Access to medical records and imaging data at the patient's bedside facilitates better decision making, treatment, and communication at the point of care.
  • Space Saving - For healthcare facilities that suffer from restricted space and an abundance of equipment, wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted computers free up valuable floor space for other vital medical equipment, desk space, or personnel.
  • Versatility - Wall-mounted workstations allow healthcare workers to perform a variety of functions - patient registration, bedside and clinical documentation, physician order entries, and more. Flexible wall mounts enable easy information sharing between the physician and patient at the bedside.

Wall mounted workstations make a big difference for healthcare facilities looking to incorporate technology into daily routines and activities. Professional installation is an important means of ensuring that your healthcare facility gets the most out of your wall mounts - keep reading to find out why.

Trust a Professional to Ensure Installation is Done Correctly

If someone you knew was unwell, you would probably advise them to go to the hospital or another healthcare facility - not to stay home and try to address the issue on their own. That's because the qualified professionals at the hospital understand how to reach a diagnosis and work towards making things better without making them worse.

Similarly, if you're purchasing wall mounts for your facility, it makes sense to bring in a professional installer that knows exactly how to make the most of your new equipment and can identify potential pitfalls, mitigating potential disasters before they happen.

Ensure Full Functionality with a Professional Installation

Today's computer wall mounts are built with more features than ever before to accommodate, not just the equipment your facility needs to function, but also the personnel required to use the equipment. Pivot points, adjustable-height mechanisms, rotational functions, and other features have been incorporated to ensure that wall-mounted computers can be viewed and used comfortably by anyone on your team.

It goes without saying that a professional wall mount installation ensures that you get the maximum benefit from every feature present in your new equipment. A professional installer can help you assess what equipment configuration will best allow to leverage the features of your wall mount, along with the computer that you intend to use it with.

You can also reduce your healthcare facility’s liability having your wall mounts professionally installed. Should a wall mount fail due to improper installation, the professional who installed the equipment is held responsible for his or her mistakes.

Optimize Space and Equipment Layout with a Professional Installation

After you've chosen a make and model of wall mount that functions with your desired hardware and meets the needs of your facility, you'll be left with the equally important task of choosing where and how to install that equipment to best optimize its use. A permanent fixture is something that you install just once, but a professional installs them at different facilities every day, meaning they have some insight into how to configure your wall mounts to optimize space and equipment.

When you combine your knowledge of your healthcare facility and workflows with professional expertise on optimizing the location and functional capacity of your equipment, you'll find solutions that enhance your productivity and streamline your processes in ways you may never have thought possible.

Find the Optimal Combination of Mobile Carts and Wall Mounts

Wall-mounted computers are an important means of facilitating the use of electronic medical records at any healthcare facility, but they're not the only type of equipment that works for this purposes. In reality, most healthcare facilities can benefit from a mix of mobile computer carts and wall mounted units for optimizing the delivery of patient care services.

Wall mounts are effective in areas of the hospital where space is at a premium, and in places where healthcare workers routinely interact with patients. Inside treatment rooms and at reception desks are typical locations for wall mounted computers. Mobile computer carts complement wall mounts by facilitating bedside information access for nurses and physicians that are mobile - those who move around the hospital conducting assessments, administering medications and monitoring patients.

A professional installation service for wall mounts can help you assess your clinical needs to determine a mix of mobile computer carts and wall mounted computers that best suits your clinical needs.

Enjoy the Added Value of Professional Installation

If your idea of a professional wall mount installation is just someone else holding the power drill, you may be neglecting to think about the other ways that a professional service adds value. Here are some of the most often overlooked sources of added value that form part of the installation process:

  • Parts Audit - Your installer will un-package and audit all parts, ensuring that any wall mounts you purchased are present in their entirety before they start drilling holes.
  • Complete Cable Management - A professional installer will hook up your computer and any other peripherals, any effectively manage unsightly cables in a neat, aesthetic, and sustainable fashion.
  • Disposal of Packaging - A professional installing service will break down and remove any packaging or debris generated by the installation process, saving you the hassle of doing so yourself.
  • Adjust Equipment and Test Functionality - A wall mount installation service that is familiar with wall mount products will conduct on-site testing of the equipment to ensure its functionality, and will advocate for you with the manufacturer if any features don't work as they are meant to.
  • Assess Workflow and Infection Control - A professional assessment of infection control procedures and patient care workflows at your facility can help you determine exactly where and how to install your equipment to best optimize its usage.


Professional installation isn't just about finding someone who knows how to install hardware, it's about leveraging the experience of experts in healthcare workflow optimization and IT management to ensure that your facility functions at maximum capacity and gets the most out of your new equipment. In view of that, you should never install wall mounted computers by yourself - always contact a professional that you trust and take advantage of their skills and experience to ensure that your wall mounts generate a massive return on investment.